HILARIOUS! Meet Sobba From Kagumo, He Loves Laughing Loudly For No Reason – VIDEO

March 23, 2016

Following Kagumo rapper’s breakthrough into the local entertainment industry with his unique style of rapping, more talents hailing from the locality have started coming out to showcase their creativity for all world to see. After Larry Madowo made a promise to pay a recording session for the lad, yet another crazy man from Kagumo known as Sobba has been recorded doing what he loves most.
According to a resident of the area who shot a video of the guy, Sobba is one peculiar man who loves laughing loudly for reasons better known to himself. Quite weird, isn’t it? Well, Kagumo seems to have more talent than Larry did focus on.
Below is the clip that will leave you laughing for days on end. Enjoy.

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