Funny Photos: Jomo Kenyatta ‘Removes’ Coat Due to ‘Heatwave’ as Kakamega Man Rides Bodaboda Naked

March 23, 2016

Trust Kenyans to go out of their way for the sole purposes of entertaining and driving a point home. As you are all aware, we have lately been hit hard by extreme temperatures which has led to some alarmists claiming that the country is experiencing a heat wave.
The Kenya Meteorological Department however dismissed those misleading claims and clarified that the extreme temperatures were as a result of the equinox( an astronomical event in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun).
On a lighter note however, a Kenyan on social media has illustrated on a Sh 1000 note just how hot it has been.
Check this out
Elsewhere, a man believed to be from Kakamega had no other choice but to ride his motorcycle naked
While in Mombasa
lol 4

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