Here is That PHOTO of a Sierra Leone Minister Carrying Her Baby While Working In Office

March 8, 2016

The photo doing the rounds on social media has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, despite the fact that it is from Sierra Leone.
The photo shows Sierra Leonean Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mrs Diane Konomanyi carrying her baby on her back while at work.
In Sierra Leone, there have been various reactions ever since this photo hit the net, many believe that the minister should have a nanny who takes care of the baby while she is busy with work, while many others have been praising her as a dutiful mother.
She is not the first mother to make headlines for baby carrying during working hours. Licia Ronzulli, Italian member of the European Parliament, is known for taking her baby – now toddler- with her into parliament.
Here’s how some Kenyans reacted to the photo
Tőmãś Kĩvűvã This is just pretentious.
Ado Ado Ado Nija The Kenyan ones view their toddlers as an acute distraction to their thieving schemes in the office – hence they cannot carry them to their offices !
Edith Odiawo Nyartelo She had to have her picture taken with the baby, really? Im sure this lasted just 10 mins and she handed the baby over to the nanny. Nobody can handle so much work required by that office with a baby on their back. Its just PR
Tony Chinedu Naaaah She’s better than that..Big NO you can’t carry my baby working that’s pure Torture and Pretentious
Peter Amburuka This is stupidity, PR or lack of resources BUT does not neccessarily mean she is doing this to lower government wastages.
Pius Alby Xbm watabeba watoto saa ngapi na mipango zao wa kando wanawangoja jioni after job?
Njoya Mburu If this was to happen in Kenya,wangesema ni PR tu…
Ann Marangu True African woman and home maker.
Deejayjose Yule Headmaster She is just pretending to win people’s hearts
Richard Oyugah Huyo mtoto si ni mkubwa kubebwa hivyo ??. PR !!
Donnell Smalls That works for them not us. Let’s stick to our Lane
Joseph M. Jumbe Watoto wa Kenya husumbua sana…
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