Bahati Tries His Legs at Skating, Enjoys Madondo Chapo in US – VIDEO

March 8, 2016

Weeks after hoping back to the entertainment industry he had deserted for a while after what he claimed to be foul-play from his competitors, Bahati has flown to Delaware in US, where he is set to do a couple of performances before coming back home.
To familiarize himself with the environment, Bahati decided to try his luck at skating and he did quite something impressive rolling on the wheeled board. Anyway, apart from that, the itakua sawa hit-maker did not try anything else new as he settled for madondo + chapo as his favorite meal in one of the eateries in Delaware.
Well, as the saying goes, you can take a man from the village but can’t take the village out of the man, below is a video of Bahati taking madondo + chapo in the states.

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