FUNNY! Lady Told Another Lady She Was Done With Her Man…The Reply She Got Will Leave You Laughing Loudly – SMS THREAD

March 23, 2016

You will agree with me that sometimes you have unknowingly fallen victim to sending text messages to a totally different receiver and not the one you had intended to. And worse of it all, is finding out that you have let out a dirty secret or discussed your personal matters with an unknown person.
Such was the scenario between two ladies who don’t even know each other. It all started when one lady decided to warn a wife to a man she used to date, that she was done with her husband and didn’t want him anymore. Having sent the message to a wrong recipient, the exchange of texts became so interesting.
Here’s the hilarious thread.
text 1
text 2
text 3
text 4
text 5
text 6
text 7

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