CAUGHT! Nairobi County Officer Recorded Secretly Demanding A Bribe – VIDEO

March 23, 2016

Running a shop in town in the modern day and age, is not as easy as a-b-c anymore. One has to have enough financial support to acquire all the necessary certificates and legal licences to do business smoothly. However, even after acquiring all the required credentials, corrupt City Council askaris will always ask for their share or else threaten to be a thorn to your job’s success.
Well, speaking of which, a Nairobi County officer was secretly recorded while demanding for a bribe from a business woman who in turn argued that she didn’t have the amount in question at that particular moment. The officer then went ahead to excuse her to run her trade that day but promised her consequences in case she failed him the next day.
Aye! Shocked? Here’s the raw video as recorded on a phone’s camera.

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