Thika Man in Family Drama Denies Sleeping with Daughter

February 15, 2016

kamothoThe man who was involved in a family scuffle that made headlines last week has spoken up for the first since the drama.
Samuel Kamotho was attacked by his wife, Virginia Wangari, for allegedly locking up his six-month old daughter and wife in his house for three months in Kisii estate. Wangari also accused her 51-year-old husband of sleeping with his 18-year-old daughter, Lucy Nyawira, allegations which the building and construction engineer denied.
Mr Kamotho told The Nairobian that his wife was peddling lies to tarnish his name for refusing to accept her back after she ran away on February 1.
He also alleged that his wife had tried to poison him on several occasions. He claims to have been taken ill on January 31, after his wife poisoned his food.
“The allegations levelled against me were meant to divert attention from my attempted murder through poisoning,” claimed  Kamotho, adding that he has never slept with his daughter and neither did he lock up their six-month old daughter with the mother for three months in the house.
“These are pure lies only meant to hoodwink people and make them believe that I am the bad person,” said the engineer who threatened to sue his wife over the matter.
He revealed having started several businesses for his wife, including a grocery store and cereal shop, only for her to run them down.
“She has never lacked anything. Every time I  open a business for her, she runs it down and then starts claiming that I’m mistreating her. I will never accept her back, will take care of all my children,” said the father of 11.
Additional Reporting by The Nairobian

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