KFCB Bans Kenya’s First ‘Steamy’ Gay Music VIDEO

February 24, 2016

kfcbWe cannot say we are surprised.
The Kenya Film Classification Board yesterday banned Kenya’s first steamy gay music video. The video by ‘Art Attack’ that went viral upon its release last week has elicited a lot of reactions.
In a country where homosexuality is illegal, it was only a matter of time and KFCB has finally pulled the plug.
This was their post on Facebook.
KFCB issues a statement on the recently released “same love remix” music video which is a Kenyan adaptation of the original 2012 version by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The video, whose main theme is homosexuality has been RESTRICTED. The board did not issue a license of approval for the production of parts of the video that have been produced in Kenya. Any person found distributing the video on any platform shall be held accountable in line with the law.
We would have embedded the YouTube video, but as you can see, distribution has been banned too.

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