Willy Paul Exposed For Trying to ‘Chips Funga’ One of his Female Fans (PHOTOS)

January 21, 2016

willyBy now, we really should not be surprised by what Willy Paul does. We should really be worried, because even after all his controversies – that he so unashamedly rubs on our faces, he continues to be relevant in the gospel industry. Emphasis on gospel.
But opinions are mostly just that and I doubt mine would change Kenya’s distorted gospel industry and the questionable thought process of his adoring fans.
The singer has been embroiled in yet another controversy barely a week after he got into a brawl with his alleged rival, Bahati. This time, he is being accused of being a ‘Fuck Boy’, something that we already know he is. Must be the raging adolescent hormones.
A female fan by the name, Cherono has posted an Instagram conversation with the ‘Vigelegele’ hitmaker, in which he invites her to his house at midnight. I think we can all agree that he was not inviting her in the dead of the night to bake cookies, drink tea and read the Bible.
Cherono responds by saying that she is not party to the plot because it is late and threatens to expose him. To which Willy Paul defends himself saying that he only wanted to surprise a fan. Really? C’mon mahne! Only night runners, witches, thieves and questionable characters surprise people at midnight.
Well, enough of my rant. Here’s the screen grab of the conversation. Cherono captioned it,”Now this people called Gospel artists have turned to Fuck boys huh? hope you learn next time thirsty nigga.”
willy paul
Huyu fisi amejivalia ngozi ya kondoo hatuwezi mdeport?!
Here are some photos of the damsel

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