TBT: The White Gor Mahia Super Fan Who Speaks Impressive Dholuo (VIDEO)

January 21, 2016

arneLike they say, Luo is not a tribe, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that needs dedication, passion and some arrogance to adapt if you are not from the shores of Lake Victoria. One lad who has successfully and impressively adapted to the lifestyle goes by the name is Arne Gjervoldstad.
He is the principal at the Filadelfia Bible School in Oslo, Norway. He was brought up in Muhoroni and over the years, he has learnt Dholuo and adopted Luo mannerisms. He is a staunch supporter of Gor Mahia Football Club and it is reported he has been a fan since 1965.
Over one year ago, he was interviewed on camera and thoroughly nailed it.
Our throwback video of the day


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