Video of the Day: Octopizzo is a Badass.. This is What He Told Elani Live on The Trend

January 25, 2016

On Friday night, Larry Madowo hosted a town hall meeting on The Trend, on ‘Why Doesn’t Music Pay’. Stakeholders in the industry among them MCSK officials and artists exchanged harsh words from more than two hours, and it was quite the show.
All this was as a result of Elani speaking out about their Sh31,000 payday from MCSK.
Among the artists in the discussion were Elani themselves and Octopizzo. As it turned out, Octo is quite the badass.
While explaining his points, he had some really witty but harsh comments on artistes who choose to sing as a group vs those who do solo. Everyone thought he was talking about Elani.
Our video of the day.

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