Nairobians Being Fed the Ugly Marabou Stork Bird Instead of Chicken in CBD Hotels? (PHOTO)

January 13, 2016

stork1Apparently, if you live in Nairobi and you usually eat your chicken from hotels in the CBD, you might be feeding on another kind of bird altogether.
A social media user has caused panic among residents of Nairobi after claiming that there is a group of men who supply the world’s ugliest bird, Marabou Stork, to hotels in the Central Business District. The Marabou Stork for those who are not very familiar, are scavenging birds that are mostly found on the acacia trees around Nyayo Stadium. They are also found at the Dandora Dumpsite and on Harry Thuku Road next to the University of Nairobi.
One Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad, shared a photo on social media showing a boda boda rider tying up one of the birds on his motorcycle.
He posted on Tuesday,
This was last night. This man & his group supply these birds to hotels right in the CBD of Nairobi.
These birds are called Marabou Stork. You will see them roosting on the trees opposite Nyayo Stadium or at Dandora dumping site.
Be very very careful where you eat your chicken stew in town.

marabou stork
However, Jarunda’s claims cannot be substantiated and it is highly likely this was just another post aimed at evoking a social media reaction.
Here are some reactions from social media users
Jahsure Oduorie: “This is so bad. You can imagine that this marabou storks have a kind of meat that not even crocodiles will eat infact it is said they are poisonous yet Okuche will hear non of that.
Kennedy Chambers Inonda “Aii hizi ndege ni sumu..wasee wakutoka lodwar walikam kitale wakashika hio bird wakenda kupika ..ile vapour ilitoka hapo ndani ilwaua”
Biologyis Sick “I wouldn’t mind eating any bird as long as it is properly cooked. But the dump site must be so poisonous. And that bird feeds at the dump site.”
Oliech Kamau Franck “I don’t eat in Nairobi hotels I’m safe soda pekee I prefer kupika kwangu”
Davis Son Jidraph “this Birds are very poisonous,even dogs n hyenas can’t feast on it,even if it dies can’t smell,so may b this bird is for restocking certain place or park.”
Lev Manoti “I ate something like chicken very bitter ibn sonford one day..on complaining ,I was told to leave it and never go back there..i think your right.”
Philemon Olendo “nyama ni nyama. Don’t judge by its look”
Vincent Nyauma Those saying it’s poisonous, did you try cooking it?”
Karis Peter Kariuki “Nyama ni nyama”

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