CRAZY: Here’s the Kikuyu Version of Justin Bieber’s Smash Hit ‘Sorry’ (VIDEO)

January 13, 2016

sorry11Well, what can I say? There are crazy individuals out there on social media.
The newest musical trend in the country- covering International hits in Swahili or in mother tongue, is sweeping across the country fast. For humorous purposes, a social media user, Kelvin Mwangi, has unleashed his cover of Justin Bieber’s smash hit Sorry, done in Kikuyu.
He is singing for his lost love Njeri and how she left him despite gifting her with bananas and potatoes. He also wants to take Njeri to Chania river for a swim.
With that voice though, I don’t think Njeri will be packing her swim suit anytime soon.
Kelvin Mwangi | Facebook

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