RIP English: Chipukeezy Unknowingly Reminds Us Why we Should Take Education Seriously

April 27, 2015

chiI always find it funny how celebrities will not comment on a story because it appeared on a blog, but will rush to release a statement when it hits a newspaper gossip column.
What they probably don’t know is that a few of these blogs, like Nairobi Wire, have readership larger than these newspaper gossip columns. I mean, 200,000 people may read your paper, but only a small fraction are interested in gossip stories. Majority just flip over them. In blogs it’s different. When 30,000 read a single story, 30,000 are interested, because they actually clicked on that particular story. You can also rest assured that they’ll tell their friends to tell their friends.
Anyhow, we cannot control celebrities’ thinking, but at least they can try to control the narrative.
What comedian Chipukeezy doesn’t know is that correct grammar goes a long way in accomplishing that.
On Friday last week, an angry Chipukeezy literally murdered the queen’s language in a rant I’m surprised he has not deleted yet. He was angry at a story that allegedly called a certain lady friend of his ‘a whore’.
Here’s what he posted on Instagram. Please note that some of these was later edited.
chip chip1 chip2 chip3 chip4
I see who the makers of this meme had in mind.
Or this one.kis2

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