Racist Chinese Restaurant Served as Brothel. Dog Meat Also Found (VIDEO)

March 26, 2015

chinese1The now infamous ‘racist’ Chinese restaurant was not only operating without a license, it was also offering an ‘extra dish’ on its menu.
NTV investigative reporter Dennis Okari on Tuesday embarked on a mission to unearth what’s cooking in the Upper Hill restaurant. In the expose, Dennis Okari discovered that the restaurant also doubled up as a brothel. He also spoke to employees of the establishment who revealed the unhygienic conditions they are subjected to during cleaning of the 16 rooms, that involves handling used condoms without gloves.
Chinese delicacy, dog meat, was also part of the cuisine on offer. Dennis and his team discovered dog legs hanging in the cold room.
Here is that video aired on NTV:

Well, atleast we now know where estate dogs have been disappearing to. Our stomachs.

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