Lovely Pictures From Victoria Rubadiri’s True Love Photo-shoot

March 6, 2015

Victoria Rubadiri’s pretty face is not only telegenic but is also exquisite elsewhere on print media. The beautiful NTV’s news anchor has had the privilege of having her famous face grace the cover of this month’s True Love magazine as well as having the story of her life featured in the March edition.
As the name sounds, the magazine brings love and relationship stories of public figures in the society. In this new issue, Rubadiri talks about growing up as a pastor’s kid, how she dealt with a pregnancy at an early age and how she gives back to society.
Here are some of the lovely pictures taken during the True Love photo-shoot.
Victoria Rubadiri, True Love 1
Victoria Rubadiri, True Love 2
Victoria Rubadiri, True love 3
Victoria Rubadiri, True Love 4
Victoria Rubadiri, True love

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