“I’m Fasting To Buy a Range Rover so That Jaguar Can Stop Harassing Me” – Ringtone

March 23, 2015

RingtoneGospel singer Ringtone is on a mission to make sure Jaguar does not harass him any more.
According to the controversial singer, he is fasting and praying hard to buy a 2015 Range Rover to match up to Jaguar. Ringtone revealed that the ‘Mwaka Huu’ hitmaker recently rubbed it on his face by blocking his car.
“Jaguar recently blocked my car while reversing so that I could see that he was doing better than me. I am praying to God to give me a 2015 Range Rover Sport or Vogue so that Jaguar can stop harassing me,” said the singer.
Ringtone has set a 3 week time frame to achieve his goal. Today is his 13th day of fasting and in the next 8 days he reckons he will be driving his dream car.

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