“Bahati Have You Joined the Illuminati?” – Blaqy Attacks Gospel Star Over New Song ‘Lover’

March 27, 2015

blaqyOne artist who has expressed his displeasure at the title of Bahati’s new song ‘Lover’ is dancehall singer Blaqy.
The song which Bahati claims to be his best work yet, has also received condemnation from a number of people for referring to God as ‘lover’. Blaqy, famed for hit  ‘Show Me’ voiced his opinion on Facebook claiming Bahati is serving Satan and not God. He challenges him to apologise to all christians for abusing God.
These were his sentiments:
my fellow Artist have you joined illuminat ? i think so since there is No day God can be a “lover” but Satan is a lover you wa to say this “I love you God” not alover” umetukana God u need to apologise to the all Christians
Am sorry to say tis, has Bahati joined illuminat ? How can God be a “lover”? tis Gospel artists they are joking wit the word of God .The Bible it’s very clear that it will come a time , the world it’s will come to the end and false preacher and singer will sing falsely.its very clear that not all people whom call God God will see the external heaven.We start by this singer whm calls him self number 8 if u lzn to his song who is “Lusifa” Bahati are u saving Satan or God.But ua song can say it louder. “Lover” Oh my God help your people.my fellow Artist Bahati i think you are saving Satan Not God. It’s written in the Bible God himself sent his only begote son “my beloved Son I send you to the world to rescue my people” that was Jesus whm was sent by God if am not wrong. John 3:16″

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