Ringtone Flaunts Customised Plates on His Range Rover. Gets Attacked by Social Media Users

February 13, 2015

ringtone1Controversial gospel singer Ringtone has joined the list of affluent Kenyans who can afford to have customised plates on their vehicles.
The Pamela hitmaker is known to drive a range rover and is believed to live in one of the up market estates in Nairobi. His source of wealth continues to be questioned to this day.
That however does not deter him and on Wednesday he took to social media to flaunt his new customised plates terming it as a blessing.
“Am so blessed HATERS CAN RECEIVE JESUS OR GO TO HELL.” He posted.
ringtoneThe post however did not go down well with his followers who reacted angrily. Below are some of the reactions
lemmie hope ur account is hacked coz this is so extreem…
ati go to hell??..men u seem to be carnaly minded
wen will you ever stop this pride tht is in you.anywe praises be to God.
I wish you could skip the haters part. Umeanza kubahave kama willy paul
Go to hell too hakuna kaburi ama hewa ya tajiri na maskini kuwa mpole nani which gospel r u preaching btw rem u shd luv ur enemy nkt kanyari
Stupid guy
Apoko gone too far,what the heart possesses,the tongue proffesses…..So mind your tongue dear….Might lead you to hell uaself!!!!
Stop bragging lad. The same Jesus atakushusha ushangae….Drunk of ash cash…burekabisa… So that what your bible teaches you? #hypocrite
hio sio brag..jibambe bro..proud of you man.
Mungu aliyekupea wewe..ndiye aliyemnyima yule.#TafakariHayo Mjinga. Hio range rover si ya Mama Yako
Am not a hater but i will be honest you are such an Ignorant idiot…. who would say such a think and he’s blessed? Pride comes before a fall.
Watu hulaumu tu willy paul,wanaacha ng’ombe kaa izi
If this are the gospel artists our kids we look up for to get inspiration then we are so lost..nigga you just competing with the secular world of kina jaguar and sonko..the bible says never envy sinners!no wonder you guys say you are fasting for songs and when you chuck a track you sound like a broken record..you better just eat.go slow boy rem you came from the streets and its so easy to go back there with pride..
Last month someone imported a Roll Royce worth 24M na hakutaja haters, hata hatujajua ni nani, ametulia. Maina Kageni akainua Jaguar ya 12M, hakutaka haters, sasa wewe na Range ya less than 8M ushaanza kuteta haters,,,unatuonyesha nini?

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