“I am not a Nicki Minaj Wannabe” – Noti Flow

February 10, 2015

notiControversial female rapper Noti Flow has dismissed claims that she is a Nicki Minaj wannabe.
Admitting that she idolises the Anaconda rapper, she made it clear that she is her own person and does not want to be like Nicki Minaj.
“I have never wanted to be someone else. I am my own girl and that is what I will forever be. I idolise Minaj but I don’t want to be like her. The posts I do on my social media pages are just an expression of who I am. Young and fun-loving. I am not seeking attention. I have that with my music,” she said.
On claims that she promotes sex in her music, she told Word Is:
“You know, it’s normal for people in love to have sex. But people just keep on singing about love. Who sings about sex?” 

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