Grandpa Records to Bring Back Nubian Cultural Night

February 23, 2015

refigah1Record label Grandpa Records is all set to bring back the once popular Nubian Cultural Night.
Through the record stable’s CEO, Yusuf Noah aka Refigah, the event which has been missing since 2012 after its formation in 2006 will be re-branded and repackaged as Sabala Nite.
“This event will see members of the Nubian community come from every corner of this region, all the way from Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. We want it to be the most unique theme night in the world,” said Refigah, who is a Nubian.
“Here, all the women will be in the colourful Nubian attire called Gur Baba while the men will don the signature red caps known as Turbush. The event will be all glamour.” He added.
The event seeks to celebrate everything Nubian from the East African region, the culture, history, attire and delicacies.
The relaunch will go down at the Prestige Plaza on April 11.

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