PHOTOS of Churchill Show 1st Recording in 2015

January 16, 2015

Over the Christmas holiday, one of the most watched comedy shows in Kenya took a break from the screens to resume later this new year. Churchill Show generally had a good year in 2014 as it still remained the locals most liked comedy program on TV.
Well, this year we ought to expect more from the carzy Daniel Ndambuki and his creative panel. Here are photos taken from the first live recording in 2015.
GhurchiLive 1
GhurchiLive 2
GhurchiLive 3
GhurchiLive 4
GhurchiLive 5
GhurchiLive 6
GhurchiLive 7
GhurchiLive 8
GhurchiLive 9
GhurchiLive 10
GhurchiLive 13
GhurchiLive 14
GhurchiLive 15
GhurchiLive 16
GhurchiLive 17
GhurchiLive 18
GhurchiLive 19
GhurchiLive 20

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