Controversial ‘Pombe Bangi’ Unveil Clothing line – PHOTOS

January 16, 2015

One of the most controversial song in kenyan history was released last year by a group of some fun loving hip hop artistes. Since the release of the track that many media houses banned for it’s explicit content, the group started a video game dubbed ‘pombe bangi’. Months later they branded own pillows and party cups with the same logo.
This year, the crew seems to have every intention of breaking big after they launched their own clothing line with ‘Pombe Bangi’ branded on them. Here are some photos of their wear.
Pombe Bangi wear 1
Pombe Bangi wear 2
Pombe Bangi wear 3
Pombe Bangi wear 4
Pombe Bangi wear 5
Pombe Bangi wear 6
Pombe Bangi wear 7
Pombe Bangi wear 8

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