PHOTOS – Check Out Mejja’s Stunning Girlfriend

January 16, 2015

Hailing from Majengo in Nyeri, Mejja came to Nairobi and became an instant household name thanks to his unique style of music. He brought comedy into music and his incredible acting skills in his music videos made him one of Genge’s greatest.
He has now teamed up with Madtraxx and KidKora to form The Kansoul and they are doing big things in the indusrty. Away from his music career, Okonkwo is also performing well on the relationship front.
He has been gushing over his girlfriend on social media and the lass has been reciprocating in kind as they exchange sweet nothings.
WCW You Know That Moment u Don’t Care Anymore What People Say All That Matters Is Your Happiness, Yeah, Hao Ni Sisi, Don’t Judge She Understands Me And On Top Of That Ni Beste Yangu Kuruka And My Love All In One #Drum Wagenge GODBLESS
Here are photos of the beauty

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