Full Text: State House Statement on Keter’s Rant

January 26, 2015

The Presidency has never, does not and will never support or condone corruption, extortion or abuse of power by any State or public officer.
It has continued to offer strong support to national institutions in developing capacity to robustly,consistently and effectively wage war on corruption.
The Presidency condemns the incident where several public and /or State officers are alleged to have abused their power and exerted undue pressure on officers lawfully going about their duties in order to evade due process.
We remind everyone that there is a sound public interest in enforcing axle load regulations without exception. We also have obligations to regional States in this connection.
We encourage every public officer to resist corruption and pressure to evade the law regardless of its sources.
The Presidency commends the officers who stood up for what is right and encourages them to continue supporting Government efforts to provide public services in an efficient, prompt and transparent manner.
The Presidency urges responsible Government agencies to ensure that this regrettable incident is swiftly subjected to the due process of law .

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