XtaticXtatic was named 7th in the list of best Kenyan rappers of all time in an article that elicited lots of mixed reactions. However, there is no denying Xtatic’s prowess and the massive talent she possesses.
She decided to bare it all on the 10 facts you may or may not know about her.
1.  I Am VERY keen on beats, I’m a fan of more abstract beats and not just any mediocre copy paste of a genre…hence a big fan of Alex Red,who is a young upcoming producer and artist too and Atwal , who is a great songwriter, gives proper music direction and producer too..
And will always be the biggest fan of my own producers THE FAHRENHEITZ , who are two producers ,Delcio and Djalma King , both Angolans but based in South Africa. Both are different,personally and musically so I they bring quite a lot to the table and good in directing my music . their work is amazing.
2. I study music, I listen to all kinds of music name it, and I always go into libraries and wiki pages to know more about an artist, I call it “trying to listen to the art on a personal level” hence get a better understanding/perspective of their inspiration and motive towards a spefic piece.
3. I play no instruments unfortunately(I say unfortunate because Id love to atleast know how to play four) but will be learning how to play the guitar first soon, but I am in love with the trumpet and saxophone…. I must insist ..I loooooove the trumpet and the SAX.
4. I am very emotional I cry on movies ,videos and even get carried away with artists who put emotion to their music *i can feel it in a tone*.. Lol..
And when I do get carried away you can definitely see it my face ..and the one song.. actually two that will never get old doing that to me is “My funny valentine -Ella Fitzgerald” and
“Hide and seek -Imogen Heap”
5. I love food ,cooking that is and well ….eating good food ,actually planning to go around the world food tasting and learning about different cultures and their food.
6. I don’t drink much ,close to at all.. Occasionally maybe
But in short its something Id definitley live without and be fine. I don’t write high either since its always linked to rappers.
I definitely don’t smoke cigarettes.
On that note too, I rarely go out , I prefer staying in and watching a series or movie,or just research.
I’m a loner in nature, rarely see me in a pack or Entourage.
7. I LOVE And live for martial arts ,fitness ,sports and competitions around them,e.g the Olympias, crossfit competitions etc.
Did taekwondo a bit over a year ago , and currently started on Muay Thai which I’ve had an big “crush” over.. That I’ve read every thing about it from it origin and techniques.
8. I love bikes and the lifestyle itself. Being a biker is not just wanting to ride a motorcycle because it’s really cool , but it’s a strong admiration .. A compelling wild desire and having “a heart and soul for the two wheels”.
9. I was a poet before I was a rapper . I love poetry but I’m specific on the kind of poetry I listen to.. Because I love originality.
10. Lastly , I’m a proud mum to a smart 4 year old girl and I’m not afraid to be strict or punish and I also don’t just let her watch or listen to anything, music or videos, I time all her activities and make sure there is time for TV and playing outside, I watch my own programmes at my own time when she is not around. No new age mothering in me ,nope.