VIDEOS – Desperate Artiste Tries to Ride on Elani and Sauti Sol’s Popularity

May 16, 2014

elaniTrying to ride on someone else’s success and popularity is outright desperate and wrong. In my daily marauding of the internet I came across two very eye catching videos on Youtube. Going by the titles, Sauti Sol – Nishike (Explicit) New 2014 and Elani – Kookoo (Explicit), the songs are actually by some Kamba artiste who decided to ride on the popularity of two of Kenya’s recent smash hits.
The move, considered smart by some, has surely achieved the publicity the artiste was looking for, as the videos with very explicit lyrical content continue to go viral. Elani members got wind of it and here’s what they had to say:
We are aware the song is online but that doesn’t bother us because our fans will hear the guitar riffs and know that this isn’t us. I guess this guy decided that he should ride our song’s popularity for as long as he does and when you look at his channel, that is exactly his strategy.”
Check out the songs below

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