Juliani is ‘Bursting’ With Emotions About a Girl in His New Love Song

May 16, 2014

juliani2Award winning contemporary rapper, Juliani, has dropped a smashing love song as the first single off his new album Exponential Potential. Dubbed Morio and Juliet, a witty titled coined after Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers, Juliani takes a different approach to what we are used to from his music. He introduces it as ‘Mlipuko wa Emotions’.
In typical Juliani fashion, he uses clever punchlines to deliver his message across. With lyrics like, “Kama yeye ni man of your dreams mbona anakupa sleepless nights?” , the Utawala hitmaker talks about the worth of a woman and differentiates lust from love – a common delusion among most modern couples, with thought provoking lyricism.
Listen to Morio and Juliet below

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