KTN’s News Anchor Mwanaisha Chizuga Tells Off Enemies

May 16, 2014

mwanaishaMwanaisha Chizuga is a Swahili anchor at KTN. She may not everyone’s people’s favorite, but I can assure you she’s one of the towering anchors in Kenya’s media industry.
She’s however an angry woman as her enemies are out to bring her down by bad mouthing her. News went round that she was allegedly wife to popular Coastal politician with whom they have children.
Her prudence could not let her make comments pertaining to the allegations, giving room for her enemies to continue clinging on her back. She however did come out through her twitter handle and cleared the air on all allegations.
Check out the tweets.

If people are busy trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.Show them how strong you are by flying even higher..WORD
— Isha Chidzuga (@MchidzugaKTN) May 14, 2014

Say whatever u need to say abt me to make urself feel better amongst ur peers bt I’m a strong girl u cant bring me down. I keep on shinning
— Isha Chidzuga (@MchidzugaKTN) May 15, 2014

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