VIDEO: Rapper Labalaa, K Soja and Ala C with a New Hit ‘Nimeone Mengi’

May 7, 2014

ala c
Rapper Labalaa of Wakamba Wawili, K Soja ,  and melodious Ala C have teamed up and stormed a record stable to do a track titled “Nimeone Mengi” which was produced by former producer at Calif Records, Benjamin.
The track will definately be a hit in the club scene simply because it has a new generation kick going on. While K Soja lays low on his rap with usual street rhymes, hard core hip hop rapper Labalaa  brings hard punchlines that remind his fans that he still has it and still remains undisputed. Ala C did the track justice with a melodious chorus that blend in well with the track.
The video is produced by Nezzo and directed by Labalaa and also features the king of genge Jua Cali making an appearance in a couple of scenes.
Check it out below.

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