Hilarious Reactions To News That Kidero is Opening Radio Station Dubbed City Hall FM

May 6, 2014
kid2“Nothing is easier than spending the public money. It does not appear to belong to anybody. The temptation is overwhelming to bestow it on somebody.” Those were the words of Calvin Coolidge, who appears to have been referring to Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero.
Kidero is set to alloocate Sh100 million in a City Hall owned radio station. Sh 50 million will be allocated next financial year, with the rest coming in later.
According to Finance executive Gregory Mwakanongo, “The radio station will serve as a platform to communicate our policies and development agenda.”
The county government is already in the process of acquiring a license with the Communication Commission of Kenya.
It is not clear who came up with this ‘brilliant’ idea, but that guy should be given an ice cream. I would be surprised if more than 100 listeners tune in at any one time, with the likes of Maina Kageni still on air.
It is as if we’ve not learnt from KBC.
Here are some reactions from Kenyans.
Can i please procure accents at this City Hall FM station? Someone pass me the TENDER JOWA while you are all just tweeting. – @VinieO
City Hall FM because Ghetto Radio has not radicalised ghettofarians enough – @GicheruGicheru
City Hall FM. Next up SLAP TV. – @sickolia_ 
city hall fm by kidero will be playing hit after hit – @njiiru
@RamzZy_: City Hall FM? I think being a Kenyan is officially one of the most mentally exhausting things any human can attempt.”
City Hall FM Because seeing how you’re getting screwed is not enough, you also have to hear it. – @sickolia_ 
Kidero allocates millions for City Hall FM radio station to create jobs for the youth, watapewa kazi ya kuosha vyombo vya habari. – @njiiru
We need a City Hall FM radio station the way we need a wheelbarrow in our coffee – @roomthinker
No drainage,No roads,No security….then Kidero allocates 50Million to opening a radio station..Talk of priorities – @petwaweru
So why you people acting all surprised by that Kidero’s move on City Hall Fm? Has he ever came up with any idea you can relate to? – @Mykeizme_
City hall FM ‘home of sHITS’ – @vinwn
See what happens when you elect a ninja from western to be your Governor? Ama mnataka kusema iyo City Hall FM si ya kutuma Salamu?? –
Any chance that Kidero might be having ambitions of becoming a DJ? Otherwise I dont follow the idea behind City hall FM – @LuciaMusau
Propaganda FM station, otherwise called City Hall FM station. – @martingicheru
Anita Nderu for the CityHall Fm job  –  ‏@Frank_TidyGipsy
Kidero ameshindwa kucollect takataka Nairobi ameamua tuskize ujinga za City Hall FM. – @Kvaati
@Buheredu: City Hall FM Presenter: 1. Stephen Hawking. 2. Michael Garbageson
City Hall FM: sHITs not Homework! – @Buheredu

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