An Airplane Joke… Hilarious

May 8, 2014

planeA pilot announced “Ladies and gentlemen the plane is losing altitude and all the luggage must be thrown out”….After a while……the pilot says “We are still loosing altitude and it is of the convenience that we must throw anything that is left in the cabin.”
Later on….the pilot announces again…” I think we must throw some people out now, there is a big gap from the passengers but i think to make this easy and very fair passengers will be thrown out in alphabetical i am going to start with A are there any AFRICANS on board?” Nobody moves….”okey no AFRICANS let us proceed B…. so are there any BLACKS on board?” still no one moves.
Lets go to C any COLOURED on boards? Still no one moves. ” No coloureds on board..”Lets go to D are there any DARKIES in here?” Nobody moves. A little black Tanzanian boy asks his dad,”Dad what are we?” His dad replied,” Tonight son we are ZOMBIES”

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