Xtatic Bashes Kiss TV Presenter Angeline Wanjeri

April 28, 2014

Xtatic Samuels, one of Kenya’s illest female rapper is quite discontented with Angeline Wanjeri’s presentation on TV. Angeline is one of Kiss TV’s show hosts who presents music shows.
It has not yet been defined what Xtatic was trying to put out, but something about Angeline did not sit well with the Sony signed rapper. She expressed her sentiments on this facebook post.
I never really hope or pray for anything bad for anyone but Angeline on kiss tv ..kusema ukweli everytime I watch her I feel like yes she maybe has it but should take some time off to learn about a few DOs and DONT’S on TV..even my little sister thinks so .. Si kwa Ubaya but eh.. some things should not be forced because they are unbearable…woi.”
The rapper who is now with Video director Mushkin, was recently involved in a brawl with her daughter’s father and his family who were tussling to have custody of her daughter. She says Mushkin has been a great father to her daughter.

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