Nyota Ndogo Set to Release Video for Her New Song ‘Mapanya’

April 28, 2014

nyota ndogooo

Nyota ndogo is set to announce her come back by releasing a video for her new song ‘Mapanya’, which features an award winning hip hop head Kaa La Moto. The song, which was done at A Million Records talks about fake friends who are happy to be in your company but will forsake you in times of trouble. “We infused some taarab and lingala. It is a typical African beat and with the rapping prowess of Kaa La Moto. It’s a dope track,” she said.

The Coast based songstress intends to work with the hip hop group Ukoo Flani, whose career has taken a downward plunge. “We met with POP at Mama Ngina Grounds during the fiesta show. Grandpa Records CEO Refigah was there and with us. We talked about working on a track or two, but it is too early to talk about the project at the moment,” she stated.

Perhpas this is a great opportunity for the hip hop group to plunge back and rock the music scene like they’ve done before.
 Additional reporting by Nairobi News

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