Throwback PHOTO – Maina Kageni Back in The Day at Capital FM

April 25, 2014

maina kageniMaina Kageni is a man that needs no introduction. He is without a doubt one of the most influential personalities in the country and whatever he has to say be sure hordes of people will want to listen. Maina has been on radio since time immemorial and his vast experience makes him one of the most bankable radio presenters in the country.
His career in radio goes way back to when he was at Capital FM. Back then, he was just a voice on radio reading the news and he was no where near the striking man he is now. He was the inexperienced young lad fresh from college looking to make it and he definitely has. I came across this rare photo of himself while still at Capital when fashion was ruled by Savco jeans.
Check it out
maina kagsMaina now

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