FULL TEXT – Kalonzo’s Apology For His Tribal Remark

April 25, 2014

I wish to clarify the following,
That this morning during a press briefing in response to Jicho Pevu and to the State of the Nation address by the President a few weeks ago, a journalist asked a question without identifying himself and/or the media house he works for.
I felt he had asked a misleading question and my answer to him was that his assumed political tilt was evident and reflective of the very polarised society that Kenya has become.
I in no way intended to neither demean the young man, nor do I or would I harbour any animosity toward him.
To the contrary, I have tirelessly worked for cohesion in this country and in my lifetime supported many leaders from various communities to include the Kalenjin, Luo, Kikuyu, Coast and this is common knowledge.
I did have tea with Mureithi and duly apologised for any hurt my remark would have caused, indeed it was with a light touch but I wish to apologize to him, the entire journalistic fraternity and anybody else who might feel the comments were offensive.
I remain committed to a united Kenya and a vibrant democracy.
(Musyoka is the Wiper Party Leader)

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