Sonko Saves Beauty Queen From an Embarrassing Situation

April 28, 2014

miss4Nairobi’s very own ‘Robin hood’, Mike Sonko, was at it again at the annual Miss University Kenya 2014 pageant. Besides saving a damsel in distress, he also splashed some cash on a lucky crowd occupying the back bench seats.
When Miss Catholic University, Damaris Mutuli, could not name the principal secretary for Information, Communication and Technology, she instead opted for another question. The MC of the ceremony called on the Nairobi senator, who made it easier for the Miss University contestant.
“Whom do you think will be the next president of Kenya?” asked Sonko.
The beauty steered clear of the familiar names and said, “The next president should be an intelligent and dedicated person.”Sonko later gave the crowd seated at the back row, Sh50,000 saying they were under privileged.
“Most of the people who sit at the back benches never enjoy an event as much as those who sit at the front rows,” he said.
Here are some photos

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