Size 8 and Hubby DJ Mo Cornered By Fans To Perform Together

April 29, 2014

Size 8 and Dj Mo have always been quiet about their relationship. They rarely appear on photographs together at the numerous celebrity events.
During a recent interview with True Love’s feature writer, size 8 revealed that “Samuel (DJ Mo) values his privacy. He always tells me that no one is perfect, that we aren’t perfect, and that exposing ourselves to the media is opening ourselves to ridicule and scrutiny we could do without, ours being a young marriage we should give ourselves time to settle into it. He does not like us to be seen outside together. He is fiercely protective of our privacy.
During a recent event in Eldoret, the two were pinned down by their fans who demanded that they perform together.
According to Pulse, size 8 was on stage when the crowd demanded that Dj Mo accompanies his wife on stage to spice up the show.  Dj Moh got to stage and the fans were moved by the delight of the couple whose romantic passions glowed throughout the short stage stint.

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