Dj Gylo, Whose Wife Was Snatched By Pastor, Reunites with Daughter

April 29, 2014


Early this month, the nation was treated to drama pitting a renowned Gospel producer cum DJ, his wife and their pastor in a love triangle.

 Three weeks later, DJ Gylo (Gilbert Pianto) was  reunited with his daughter who was caught in the middle of a tussle between her mum and dad. Even though the meeting was full of drama, the Nakuru-based deejay and producer was relived after 9 months without seeing her.

Here’s what he posted;

“Blood is thicker than water. I was passing somewhere today n she shouted my name #‎Gylo! My daughter, After almost 9 months without seeing each other. My X inlaw tried to cover her eyes but God could not jus allow us to pass without her noticing me.

Even if her name is changed do delete my identity on her, or her mind twisted to call me by my name ‘Gylo’ but not Dad, she knows im important in her life she feels it. & i still love her.yes she loves me too. My kid. But at least i have something to show her in the future that i did my best to give her fatherly love she deserves but wasn’t a chance.


One day one time, she will show up. I only care bout her. Yes! My life, My story is like a one can feel my pain, only i do n her. Thats why everyone finds it easy saying, ‘let your child be more will be born’ here: Some time back picking her from school.”

Well, with that said and done, we wish him all the best with his daughter.

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