Rose Muhando Releases New Track ‘Facebook’

April 25, 2014

Rose Muhando hit the headlines recently, following reports that she had gone into hiding to save her skin when numerous attempts to kidnap and have her killed failed. Neither did this kill her spirit nor zeal to serve God in praise, as the Tanzanian gospel singer has released yet another seven minute run time track, dubbed ‘Facebook’.
In the song, the songtress tries to discourage the manner in which people have idolized Facebook and twitter making it the in thing, at school, in church and places of work. She affirms that social media has made a major contribution in drawing back connection with God, for everything is about ‘Chat’. The song which is in the new album Kamata Pindo La Yesu, has suddenly gained popularity and will sooner than later lead in music charts in East Africa.
Listen to it below.

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