PUMZI, The Sci Fi Kenyan Film You’ve Probably Never Heard of

April 7, 2014

PUMZIIn my daily marauding of the internets, I came across this very interesting short film I thought credited some recognition. The Kenyan film industry has been hard to appreciate for a long time, with the quality of production and some times even the acting begging for a lot more effort. But lately, it’s good news as some of our local talents are getting recognized beyond borders.
The film industry is growing and more and more Kenyans are appreciative of the arts and that is why you should know about this Sci-Fi film written and directed by a Kenyan.
Pumzi is a 21 minute short film written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu.
The film is basically about the future East Africa, about 35 years after water shortage has resulted in a World War. It was produced in 2009 and was featured at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. It’s production and props closely matches what Kenyans are used to watching from popular Hollywood Sci-Fis and for a Kenyan to delve into such a difficult genre, I think it was a great attempt that should have been appreciated more locally.
In case you missed it like I did back then you can watch it below.

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