VIDEO – Citizen TV’s Exclusive Visit To Statehouse and Interview With President Uhuru

April 4, 2014

ukPresident Uhuru Kenyatta has opened up Statehouse more than any of his predecessors. It is much easier to access the guarded facility now than say during Kibaki’s time.
From hosting a media breakfast, to a bunch of schoolkids, to some superbike riders, Uhuru is clearly different.
Next week for the first time ever, Kenyans will have a look at Statehouse from angles previously unseen. The president hosted Citizen TV crew for an exclusive that will air on Tuesday. In this promo released by the station, he is seen chatting with a pregnant Jacque Maribe as they walk around the lawns of the house on the hill.
He then sits down with Hussein Mohammed for an interview on his past year in office. This will surely be a must watch.
The exclusive may also suggests that SK Macharia and his media house have reconciled with the president, after supporting Raila in last year’s elections.
Watch the promo below.

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