Police on Skates To Fight Petty Criminals in Nairobi

April 22, 2014

pickPickpockets have for a long time been a headache to people in Nairobi. Life in Nairobi requires one to always be on the look out, but as much as one is careful, they continue to invent newer methods of stealing people’s belongings.
From phones to wallets, at least one in every five people has fallen victim to thugs that mostly thrive in the congested parts of the city. To make matters worse, the number of police officers on patrol are not sufficient to cover most parts and hence petty crimes continue to be part and parcel of the daily life of a Nairobian.
In an effort to combat this, the government has come up with a rather odd and creative method. An administration police unit on skates could be the solution.
Here’s a tweet by reporter Robert Nagila.

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