Mr Nice Brutally Beaten Up By Mob Over A Girl (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

April 2, 2014

mr_niceTroubled Bongo star Mr Nice is not having it good, infact he is having it really bad. Misery seems to pile up for the singer famous for the Takeu style after he was seriously injured after getting mobbed by a group in Dar es Salaam over a girl.
The shocking incident left the artist hospitalized where he is still recovering. It is alleged that Mr Nice was sloppy drunk when he made advances at a girl who was in the company of her boyfriend and despite her lack of interest, Mr Nice was unyielding in his pursuit which enraged the boyfriend.
It is then that the boyfriend together with a group of men descended on Mr. Nice and gave him the beating of his life. According to witnesses the group then fled when Mr. Nice went unconscious. He was then rushed to hospital and admitted.
Apparently this was not the first time Mr Nice got beat up as several years ago he was brutally beaten up on two different occasions.
We wish him a quick recovery.
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