Kingwa Kamencu: Men are Attracted To Me When I Don’t Shower For Upto 6 Months

April 9, 2014

kingwaFormer Presidential aspirant Kingwa Kamencu never shies from controversy. She once claimed that she had been arrested for stealing and burning her neighbours’ underwears, something that was not surprising as she is a campaigner for an ‘Underwear Free Africa’.
Her comments on Facebook are always off, and I often wonder whether the page is still under her control.
In a status update on Saturday, Kamencu claimed that men find her attractive when she is dirty… I mean literally dirty… Like 6 months dirty.
She was commenting on a topic she had heard on Maina and Kingang’i in the Morning.
Here’s that post.
In the Star today, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i ask: “Is it true that men run away from wives who are dirty?”
For me, i have found that guys are most attracted to me when i have not showered for three to six months. When i start showering, they dissappear.
What has your experience been?

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