PHOTO – Here’s That Selfie President Uhuru Took With Jacque Maribe

April 9, 2014

Yesterday, Citizen TV aired their much anticipated interview with President Uhuru Kenyatta, shot at State House Nairobi.
Jacque Maribe did a splendid job asking the right questions to the most powerful man in Kenya. Her task was to make him as comfortable as possible, so he could open up about his private life, and he did.
Uhuru revealed he is a massive UB40 fan, and that his favourite food will always remain Nyama Choma and ugali.
Unlike his predecessor, Uhuru is as techsavvy as he can be. He revealed he checks his social media pages daily, to learn about Kenyans desires. Though he did not say whether he’s on whatsapp, he did reveal he had been texting with his son before that interview.
Finally, to confirm his ‘techsavviness’, Uhuru agreed to take a selfie with Jacque Maribe. He actually took 3.
Here’s one of them.
uk selfie

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