Hilarious Posts From Uhuru Kenyatta’s Parody Twitter Account Excite and Confuse #KOT

April 9, 2014

uh2As I was going through the internets yesterday, I saw some extraordinary activity on President Uhuru’s Twitter handle… or so I thought.
KOT were retweeting like crazy, and a look at the tweets revealed why. They were humorous and definitely not coming from the President, unless his account had been hacked.
I then thought to check the handle again, and sure enough, it was @UKennyatta (note the double n). It had less than 2000 followers, a number that has grown to over 3000 now.
Parody accounts are common world over, but this one is probably the funniest Kenyans have seen. It’s owner is not known yet, but he’s been cracking our ribs a lot.
Check out some of the tweets.








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