Check Out Unbelievable PHOTO of Kris Eeh Baba Back in the Day

April 29, 2014

He stomped his authority into the gospel music scene with his different style of music delivery. Popularly known as Kris Eeh Baba, Christopher Njogu Munene, is the rapper who has taken his identity as a Maasai and used it creatively to spread the gospel through music.
His rise to where he is has not been all smooth for the Mmmh Baba hitmaker. For his first song, Kris forked out Sh200 as payment but producer Majic Mike understood him and did not take his money. In addition, during one of his performances when he was coming up, he was carried off stage for using a secular instrumental. Despite all these, he never gave up. Coming from a very humble background, he shared this photo of himself when he was still young and it’s clear he has come a long way.
Captioned: Sema kutoka mbali lol. Me & Mutua back in the day
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