Wahu Laughs off Divorce Rumours

March 6, 2014

Like all relationships, there comes a time when things don’t go according to plan. People fight and say things that they wish they never said in the heat of the moment. Just like other normal couple, Wahu and Nameless marriage has hit this point and rumours emerged that Wahu was unfaithful and she might have conceived out of wedlock. Speaking to Nairobi News, Wahu confirmed that their marriage was on the rocks but divorce has never been on the cards.
“Yes, there was a time that my marriage was in trouble. We are a normal couple and we go through issues just like any other couple, but get me right, those were just misunderstandings and nothing like a divorce was in the offing.
We disagreed on various issues but we ironed them out. Although we were angry at each other during that time, we still talked unlike other couples who don’t speak to each other in weeks or even months despite living together.
Thank God, that is all behind us now. We are stronger than ever and please, the father of my children is and will always be, Nameless.”

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