State House Reveals The President’s Favourite Musician And It Is Not Jaguar

March 6, 2014

uhuruPresidents, and with that I mean up to date or ‘digital’ presidents, tend to stay updated on what is new in the entertainment industry. For example, everyone knows that President Obama is a big fan of rapper Jay Z and his wife Beyonce and he dislikes one of my favorite rappers Kanye West. Our President has his preferences too. While the former prime minister Raila Odinga is a big fan of Jaguar’s Kigeugeu and now Ken Wa Maria’s fundamentals, Uhuru’s taste is a little different.
Judging from his relationship with rapper Jaguar and singer Ringtone, one would think they are his favourite artistes, but as State House spokesman revealed to Easy Fm, that is not the case. Apparently, Uhuru Kenyatta is a big fan of local gospel music and his favourite musician is the one and only Rufftone.
“The President loves Kenyan music, Rufftone is one of his favorites. “#AskStateHouse
There you have it, consider yourself informed.

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